“Excellent dental practice management experience! Our coach provided expertise and provided strong support for my practice and team. Our coach was instrumental in the advancement and expansion of my dental practice. I endorse Smarter Practice Solutions without reservation.”

                                  ~ Client of Smarter Practice Solutions, Dearborn Michigan

“Smarter Practice Solutions provided consulting services for my practice during our transition that surpassed our wildest expectations. Our coaches were consummate professionals when it comes to handling the intricacies of practice management associated with a practice transition. Moreover, practices in need of a boost prior to a transition or in need of expert consulting services at any time would be hard-pressed to find any company more qualified to provide the expertise that gave us the results we experienced.” – Client, Grand Rapids, MI

“Smarter Practice Solutions gives you a clear path that when followed leads you to all the success youʼve ever dreamed of. We enjoy our time with you because you guide us with intelligence, passion and laughter. For what would attainment be without joy in the journey?”

– Dental Hygienist, Clarkston, Michigan

“I have the distinct pleasure of working with dental practices all over Michigan bringing the best equipment, supplies and innovative technology. I advise my clients on how to be successful clinicians and business owners. When I work with clients who want to reach the next wave of success but aren’t sure how to get there, I refer them to Smarter Practice Solutions. Just like any sports team, the coach makes a difference. I feel confident recommending Smarter Practice Solutions to my clients because their success has been proven every time. If you want to reach the next level of success and sustain it, look no further – you are here!”

– Betsy Lee, RDH, Patterson Dental Consultant

“You have a special talent for unearthing the obstacles that prevent a dental practice from moving to the next level of success and guiding the practice to get past them. Part of the progress a practice realizes while working with Sara is a direct result of her natural ability to engage individual team members, as she guides them toward developing a team mentality which, I believe is the cornerstone for the success of a practice. What makes our coach special is the way in which she becomes invested in your practiceʼs success.”

– Office Manager, Oxford, Michigan

“Our coach has the ability to give direction, motivation and accountability to each team member to help the team work in unison towards the goals of our doctors. This clarity becomes a benefit to the officeʼs effectiveness and to the patient experience.”

– Office Administrator, Saint Clair Shores, Michigan

“I have been in the dental field for 18 years and have been through countless consulting experiences. Your relationship with our practice has far surpassed my expectations of what is possible from this type of service. Your ability to identify the challenges and provide direction inspires us to stay focused. Your compassion and dedication creates a comfortable atmosphere for professional growth. You are part of our team!”

– Practice Administrator, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Our Smarter Practice Solutions coach has guided us to help our patients value our recommendations and the quality dental care we provide. For years, I thought I knew everything there was to know about the business end of my practice. Smarter Practice Solutions has provided our team with systems and effective communication techniques to help our practice flourish in these economic times. We grow and improve with every visit. I know I would not feel as satisfied practicing dentistry if you hadn’t been there to push us all along. I look forward to our continued relationship. You are the best!”

-Client of Smarter Practice Solutions, Northern, Michigan

“My Smarter Practice Solutions coach has been a valuable asset to my practice from the first day I hired her. She not only has met, but exceeded all of my expectations. Her knowledge of dental practice management is superior. She continues to take a personal interest in my practice and goes above and beyond. I cannot imagine running my office without her expertise and guidance.”

– Client of Smarter Practice Solutions, Howell, Michigan