We provide a wide range of customized solutions to help you develop your vision of your ideal dental practice. After our onsite evaluation and analysis, we begin our work with you and your team to achieve your desired results. We understand having a solid foundation of systems combined with an empowered team are the cornerstone of a successful dental practice. All of our solutions are geared toward ideal ongoing relationships with your clients so they continue to return to your practice and invite their friends and family.

Through our research and experience, we have found the following modules are applicable to many dental practices. However, our goal is to tailor the implementation to work for your particular needs. As such, we provide a list of solutions which are useful to other clients. These are not all inclusive but are designed to give an idea of what Smarter Practice Solutions can offer your individual practice.

Define Your Team’s Roles, Responsibilities and Practice Image

  • Introduce Job Roles
  • Choreograph Team and Client Base Allocation
  • Design Productive Team Meetings
  • Launch Meaningful Performance Evaluations
  • Implement Daily and Monthly Accountability Monitors
  • Inspire Your Ideal Practice Image

Create a Peaceful, Balanced and Productive Day

  • Establish Interval Goals (e.g. Daily, Monthly, Annual)
  • Construct an Effective Scheduling Template
  • Optimize the Value of Time in Hygiene and Clinical Schedules
  • Organize and Create an Efficient Calendar Plan
  • Maximize the Facility Resources with Chair Utilization

Foster Ideal Relationships with your Clients

  • Introduce Chart Review Protocols
  • Establish Team Huddles
  • Manage and Retain Your Existing Client Base
  • Deliver the New Client Experience
  • Enhance the Existing Client Experience
  • Increase Internal Referrals

Deliver An Effective Case Presentation

  • Nurture Trusting Patient Relationships
  • Establish Protocols for Ideal Communication and Documentation
  • Conduct Practice-Wide Case Planning Meetings
  • Delivering Effective Consultations
  • Introduce Case Management Follow-Up Systems

Establish Financial Management Protocols

  • Understand Effective Insurance Management
  • Organize and Systematize Statement and Collection Practices
  • Develop Practice Financial Arrangements Supporting Reasonable Payment Options
  • Increase the Ratio of Patients Who Pay Now
  • Reduce Dependency on Insurance Participation
  • Understand Adjustment Categories
  • Review Fees Annually – the Fee Analysis

Utilize Technology and Establish Protocols for Use

  • Define Computer Data Entry Accuracy Protocols
  • Integrate Chairside Technology
  • CAD/CAM Integration and Schedule Design
  • Digital Integration
  • The Paperless Practice

Create Your Customized Transition

  • Associate Integration and Development
  • Schedule Design for the Transitioning Doctor
  • Protect Practice Value in the Exiting Doctor Phase


“Our coach has the ability to give direction, motivation and accountability to each team member to help the team work in unison towards the goals of our doctors. This clarity becomes a benefit to the officeʼs effectiveness and to the patient experience.”

– Office Administrator, Saint Clair Shores, Michigan

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