Our Team


Our coaches have extensive experience supporting dentists and team members achieve their vision of a successful practice. We believe every dentist deserves peacefulness, balance and productivity to secure their financial future. We are committed to developing advocate roles with team members to support client relationships and increase the value your clients have for you. We will coach the team to enhance their skills and knowledge in order to be leaders in your practice. Smarter Practice Solutions has been built on a firm foundation and continues to grow through trusted relationships and referrals.

“We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of dentists, dental team members and dental clients through a relationship-oriented, tailored approach to practice management coaching.
We are committed to helping dentists establish and maintain the exceptional, flourishing practice environments they envision.”
– Sara Marterella, Founder – Smarter Practice Solutions, LLC


“Each team member is vital to the vision and can participate to enhance the strong foundation of the practice. My role is to assist each dentist and team member in achieving their absolute best so they can be peaceful and productive. This is achieved through sustainable practice management systems and mutual accountability. The greatest achievement is when a client has reached their vision of ideal.  Great care is taken to ensure our clients and team members are fully supported in a positive atmosphere where there is personal and professional growth. I strive to go above and beyond for my clients and teams to show them the coaching process can build upon their strengths as a dental practice.” 

Denise Bouwhuis – Practice Management Coach & Advisor


“Our Smarter Practice Solutions coach has guided us to help our patients value our recommendations and the quality dental care we provide. For years, I thought I knew everything there was to know about the business end of my practice. Smarter Practice Solutions has provided our team with systems and effective communication techniques to help our practice flourish in these economic times. We grow and improve with every visit. I know I would not feel as satisfied practicing dentistry if you hadn’t been there to push us all along. I look forward to our continued relationship. You are the best!”

-Client of Smarter Practice Solutions, Northern, Michigan

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