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The key to any successful business is cultivating exceptional relationships amongst team leaders, team members, and clients. Of course, in healthcare environments, these affiliations are particularly important due to the delicate nature of provider-patient relationships and the need for establishing and maintaining rapport over time. Similarly, we believe that relationship-oriented coaching and ongoing individualized support are foundational to developing and maintaining a superlative dental practice. Our involvement is a collaborative process and we recognize that your practice is unique. Our service goal is to provide you with a devoted, highly skilled, and passionate coach who will work with you to implement a practical, tailored approach to enhancing your practice.  At Smarter Practice Solutions we are committed to your vision and strive to build upon the strengths of your practice.

Building a tailored strategy for your future begins with analyzing the present circumstances in your practice and uncovering an understanding of your desired future. Your goals and vision are of paramount importance to ensure that our services are grounded in your specific needs. To understand your practice we engage in an integrated quantitative and qualitative analysis process. Quantitative evaluation consists of data gathering and assessing your current outcomes. Qualitative evaluation includes team interviews and observations of daily practice life to understand the relationship dynamics and particularities of your team. Combined, these two approaches to analysis provide you with a clear understanding of the current conditions of your practice in relation to the outcomes you desire. Through this collaborative endeavor, we develop a customized plan designed to create a flourishing dental practice. Smarter Practice Solutions is committed to working with you to set realistic goals and establish a customized and practical plan for achieving them. During our initial visit to your practice, we solidify your practice plan and lay the groundwork for future coaching sessions.

As you are well aware, accountability and transparency are fundamentals to business success. During the first visit to your practice, we assist your team with enhancing skills in using daily and monthly monitors to measure progress and make adjustments. Monitors provide focus, create awareness, improve team communication and drive client behaviors in a positive way. Self-monitoring provides your team with the ownership mentality required to be successful in their role and commitment to your vision. In addition, tools that support mindful-practice create opportunities for each team member to chart a self-motivated path to their individual success. On a monthly basis, we evaluate your progress and provide comments and coaching to you and your team so you can progress toward your envisioned future. Monthly analysis sessions also provide an opportunity to evaluate and update your goals as appropriate.

We believe the relationship between you, your team and your Smarter Practice Solutions coach is instrumental in your success. Your triumphs are our triumphs and we take that very seriously. We are not mere observers or practice management experts. We view ourselves as an integral part of your team and pride ourselves on the relationships we have with you and your team members. As such, we are available to you and members of your practice for questions or support related to your on-site coaching visit when needed. We understand that success does not happen overnight and that your needs will shift and change over time. Rest assured, we are committed to your success and we want to hear from you. Whether you want to share an accomplishment or discuss a problem that arises, we are available and easily accessible.

Exceptional dental practice entails a balance between clinical skills, caring team members, effective systems and realistic goals. Obviously, an involved and empowered team is essential. We provide personalized one-on-one coaching to enhance individual roles of your valued team members during on-site implementation sessions. Additionally, group-oriented meetings are an integral part of on-site sessions to enhance the cohesiveness of your team and build awareness and commitment to your practice goals. Role development is a key facet of our strategy to improve and empower the people who surround you.

There are many opportunities in the life of your practice. Whether you are in need of an additional dentist, have an associate in the practice, would like to reduce hours or are looking to transition in the next five years, we can help. The key is to optimize your success and gracefully execute a plan, with minimal disruption. We focus on maximizing the value in your practice. With our plan, we can eliminate the burdens of losing patients, time and money. You have worked too hard to leave this process to chance. Let us help you alleviate some of the transition-related stress by protecting your practice value.


“My Smarter Practice Solutions coach has been a valuable asset to my practice from the first day I hired her. She not only has met, but exceeded all of my expectations. Her knowledge of dental practice management is superior. She continues to take a personal interest in my practice and goes above and beyond. I cannot imagine running my office without her expertise and guidance.”

– Client of Smarter Practice Solutions, Howell, Michigan

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