You are a dentist, business owner, and team leader with a distinctive approach to client care. You recognize the positive facets of your dental practice and, chances are, there are some aspects you would like to change.

At Smarter Practice Solutions, we begin with the firm foundation you have established and work to develop an understanding of your ideal dental practice. Through collaboration with you and your team, we use your vision, goals, and standards of success to build a unique and fully customized plan that meets your needs.

We believe in more than simply providing services that increase your bottom line. Our relationship-oriented, tailored approach is designed to invigorate your team and create an exceptional practice environment for you and your patients. We are passionate about giving you peace of mind and securing your future.


“Our Smarter Practice Solutions coach has guided us to help our patients value our recommendations and the quality dental care we provide. For years, I thought I knew everything there was to know about the business end of my practice. Smarter Practice Solutions has provided our team with systems and effective communication techniques to help our practice flourish in these economic times. We grow and improve with every visit. I know I would not feel as satisfied practicing dentistry if you hadn’t been there to push us all along. I look forward to our continued relationship. You are the best!”

-Client of Smarter Practice Solutions, Northern, Michigan

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